Saturday, May 30, 2009

I <3 Raspberries!

One of my new favorite people in the world asked me if I would make a cake for her husband's birthday. Her only instructions were that it had to have nuts and chocolate frosting. Her husband will not eat anything without nuts including any dessert. So my task was to make a as nutty as possible (being a crazy nut myself I figured it would be pretty simple:). I made a vanilla walnut cake with chunks of walnuts inside and frosted it with a chocolate buttercream. I still wanted to make it a little more nutty so I covered the sides with toasted walnuts. It is amazing the fabulous flavor toasted walnuts can give. If you have not had toasted walnuts I would HIGHLY suggested toasting up a few.

Earlier this week I had made this cake for us to try just to make sure the flavors would meld. I wasn't planning on adding any fruit to it but Paige suggested that raspberries would put it over the top. She was right! So that being said I added them to the top of this one and it turned out beautiful. I really do think that raspberries can make anything taste and look better!

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