Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Milk... does a body good!

Hello :)

Well another cake, yes, I know, we are all kind of getting sick of me posting cakes. I will do something different next I promise! Anyway, when I asked my brother in law Byron what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday he quickly told me a tres leches cake. Hum... I have never made a tres leches cake before but I am always up for a challenge and always willing to try something new. I searched for a recipe that I thought sounded legit and decided on Emeril's tres leches cake. I have tried a few of his dessert recipes and they have not failed me yet.

The cake turned out even better than anticipated! I have only had tres leches once in my life and have now decided that it is one of my most favorite indulgences. So moist and sweet, it is hard not to fall in love. I do have to warn though, as many warned me while I was reading recipes, if you are watching calories in any way I may stay away from this one. However, it really is well worth it's weight in gold. :)

I skipped Emeril's frosting and decided to go straight for the whipping cream. I made mine a vanilla bean whipped cream and then threw on a plethora of delicious berries. I say that you should think of any event you could celebrate and make this cake.

Oh! And Happy Birthday Byron!

Link to recipe here!

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