Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maple and Brown Sugar Granola... Bread

So Dustin has this new obsession with Granola. Every morning without fail he will wake up and pour himself a bowl of maple brown sugar granola. We were buying it and going through a box in a week but then discovered it is so much cheaper and tastier if I just make it myself.
I have been using Alton Brown's recipe, because I love him, but with a few alterations to fit our liking. Try it! You will not be disappointed. :)

Ok, so the bread... I was seriously putting off doing my homework and decided that I owe it to myself to make a nice tasty loaf of bread. I didn't want to make just my same standard so I looked through the bookmarked bread recipes I have been wanting to try. Nothing sounded better to me than Better Baking's Maple Granola bread. I also knew Dustin would love it!

With 1 1/2 cups of granola baked in... WOW! You cannot go wrong with this one!! If you don't have time to make the granola try Cascadian Farm's Maple Brown Sugar Granola. It is almost as good as homemade.

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