Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Sweet Treat for Sweet Ladies :)

Happy Mother's Day to my Mommas!!

This was a little invention of my very own. I needed strawberries in my life and my mother in law LOVES my angel food cake so I decided to make individual angel food strawberry mousse cakes. It turned out to be a delicious and beautiful combination. Oh the sweet fluffiness!

Mom, I made this for you too. I wish you could have been here with me to try it. Happy Mommy's Day, I Love you!


  1. ashely!! i am soo impressed with your blog and your recent talents (baking) ( your mom gave me the link.) if there were a way to ship them to denver i would definitely be your favorite customer! way to go ashely. i always knew you would amount to something great ;)
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  2. Sorry, I had to delete my post above because I accidentally typed 'desert' instead of 'dessert' and that was just too lame of a typo to let stay. Anyhow...That looks amazing! My husband would give his right arm for this dessert. Due to lack of a trusted angel food cake recipe, I reluctantly buy the pre-made ones in the store. And it never fails, they always taste like plastic. Yuck. Do you use a published angel food cake recipe or your own creation?

  3. Hi Jessica!

    It is so fun to know that I have someone looking at my blog. :) The recipe I use for my angel food cake is the only one I have ever known and will ever use. It is a family recipe but I have no problem sharing if you would like. Do you have an email address I can send it to and then I can give you some good instructions too.

  4. I love reading your blog. I followed it when it was Spun Honey, and I was happy you revived it with Deedle Dumpling. I'm more experienced as a cook than a baker, so your blog is a great inspiration to me as I continue to practice my baking skills. Thank you so much for offering to share your recipe, that is so kind of you :) My email is