Saturday, August 23, 2008

It is done!

Doesn't she look beautiful! :)

This is how we REALLY felt...

Welp... I did it. My first wedding cake. Probably one of the most stressful tasks I have ever taken on but actually I think I would do it again. I always like a good challenge and I learned so much the first time around that I think it would probably go a little smoother the next. I did learn some interesting things about myself while in the process though:
1. I seem to swear like a sailor when I am baking and stressed out (and I never swear).
2. I should never drink a caffeinated beverage right before I am about to do the intricate work on a cake. I was bouncing off the walls and my hands were shaking (I never drink caffeine either).
3. I have the greatest family in the world and they went out of their way to calm me down when it came down to the end.

I am sure I learned other things but I will just get to the pictures now...

First layer: coconut cream
Second layer: carrot
Third layer: chocolate with a sour cream ganache
Fourth layer: white cake with strawberry filling and chocolate ganache.

Before the decorations

This is really not how I was feeling. This was probably the fakest smile ever! If you look closely you can see the vein popping out of my forehead. This is a sign of craziness! :)

Oh the cutting of the cake... what a wonderful thing. They were so sweet about it at first...

They cut such a nice piece and fed it nicely to eachother...

There was a little smearing of frosting on the face but not too bad...

And then they loved each other... however, that was not the end...


...and there went my first piece of art...

It was ok though. It filled it's purpose and was delicious!


  1. YAY!!! It's SOOOO beautiful!!! You're amazing!...really!

  2. Oh WOW, Ashley!!! It's absolutely GORGEOUS! Those flavors sound so incredible. I think I would have had to try each one. I'll bet your sister loved it. Yep -- I think you should go pro. You're awesome!

  3. P.S. -- I loved the popping-out vein pic. I enlarged it, and sure enough! Hahaha!

  4. I am sure it tasted amazing as always. It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering how it went.

  5. Wow Ash, that cake sounds almost as good as it looks! Amazing!

  6. So amazing! It looks so yummy, and all the! I hope you had a great birthday, sorry we couldn't make it to the beach bash! Good job with the cake, so talented!

  7. Ash, I didnt know you did this cake! It is awesome!! I wish we lived closer so you could bake for me! But then again, maybe it is a good thing, since I am struggling as it is with my waist line!