Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Luck oh the Irish

Some of you are probably thinking... "It isn't St. Patrick's Day! Why in the world is Ashley making cupcakes with 4 leaf clovers in it? What a weirdo!"

Well, I can explain... Ever since I started working for The Law Offices of Ryan Harris we have had the same UPS Man, aka "Irish." Actually his name is Tim but if you saw him you would understand why we call him Irish. He is tattooed from head to toe with leprechauns and clovers. He also has a skull and crossed baseball bats on the back of his head with the Red Sox above it. He is OBSESSED with Notre Dame and the Celtics. He is Irish through and through. He would come into our office everyday going off about how Notre Dame this or the Red Sox that. He and the guys I work with would get in some pretty heated arguments about their teams. I took a beating from him last season when his Red Sox beat my Rockies in the World Series. But we have learned to love him!

Irish's birthday was coming up but we would be moving offices before we would be able to celebrate it. Since we were moving offices Irish would no longer be out UPS man :(. It was very sad. So, i took that opportunity to make him minty Irish cupcakes. They turned out precious and yummy! They were very different from anything I have ever tasted before. This was because of the REAL mint leaves used in the chocolate ganache. It really hit you when you took your first bite but would grow on you the more you ate. The realy mint was used in the ganache while there was peppermint extract used in the buttercream. Next time I think I will stick with either the real mint or the peppermint as opposed to using both. My taste buds got a little confused with both types of mint going on. I think I might try using a chocolate mint leaf (courtesy of my mom's garden) and see how that turns out.



  1. I think my sweet tooth just let out a deafening shriek of delight. These are amazing, Ashley! Could those 4 leaf clovers possibly be any more adorable?! I'm a chocolate-mint lover all the way, I can't wait to try your recipe :)

  2. I LOVE chocolate mint, too. Okay, I'll bet that Irish UPS man cries every time he passes your old office!

  3. You are amazing Ashley and so very talented. You take cooking to a whole new level. I am taking notes:)