Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Popcorn... YOU!

No, I didn't make popcorn, I am playing popcorn. If you have no idea what this is than just think of it as tag.

The game is Sixes Tag and these are the rules:

1. you link back to the person who tagged you.
. . . My sweet new friend, Annie
2. post these rules on your blog.
. . . Check!
3. share six unimportant things about yourself.
. . . See Below, but only if you want to know some really random facts about me.
4. tag six random people at the end of your entry.
5. let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.
6. enjoy the results.

Six UNimportant things about me:

1. I really want to LOVE hot dogs but can't bare the taste of them. I will just keep trying.

2. I get ecstatic every time I see a hummingbird.

3. My favorite food... honey. However, I can never eat it without getting it all of over myself and anything else within a 50 ft radius of me. This is why my nickname is Pooh.

4. I LOVE cartoons... my favorites are probably Gargoyles and Batman. DORK!

5. Someday I am going to live on Mainstreet in Disneyland.

6. I have a secret crush on Cary Grant and have been addicted to his movies since age 10.

Well that was fun... Now you know what a nerd I really am! :)

Popcorn... Katie, Adele, Natalie, Leanne, Mariah, and Carly.


  1. I didn't know you had a food blog! Now I can steal all your yummy recipes. Can we make requests? (Pizza dough and truffles, cough, cough.)

    When exactly are you coming to UT? Jen is coming up around the 4th of July. You should check with her to see if you will overlap at all.

  2. We are coming the weekend of the
    11th for my family reunion. Is Jen still going to be there? Dustin and I talked about coming a little earlier so we could kind of make a vacation out of it but we will see if that actually happens.
    I would love any requests!! I haven't had my food blog too long and am still trying to build it up as much as possible! Pizza dough and truffles... coming up! :)

  3. holy cow ash i had no idea you were such a little betty crocker. that is so fun! i am soo impressed. looking at all the recipes made me really wish i didn't spend 5 bucks on a really lame lunch today that i could have made myself. are so talented, thanks for sharing it all with the rest of us! it was fun seeing your family this weekend, caitlin's "friend" was a cutie!

  4. Hi! I'm a new reader, and I LOVE your blog. I aspire to be such a talented baker (and food photog) as yourself.

  5. Oh you are too sweet! You just made my day! :) We can be foodie friends! Do you have a blog yet? You will get addicted as soon as you do! This is my most favorite thing in the world and am so glad that other people can appreciate it as well.

  6. Yes, foodie friends for sure :) You're definitely my new go-to girl for great baking recipes! I always love when a recipe comes highly recommended, that way it's sure not to disappoint! I haven't started a blog of my own yet, but I'm considering it. I think it would be fun.