Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

On search for the perfect Mother's Day dessert I came across Marcy Goldman's Swiss Chocolate Strawberry Scone Cake. Can we say YUM!? I had never heard of a scone cake so of course I had to make it. After making the batter you add enough flour to it so it is kneadable. You then place the dough into two 8 inch cake pans and top with chocolate chips. It smelled exactly like chocolate chip cookie dough and fresh cookies when it came out of the oven.

I wanted to make the cake as pretty and tasty as possible so I decided to make chocolate covered strawberries to finish it off.

The cake was a hit with with the Mackay family and my mother in law! We all had our individual slices and then took our forks to the rest of it and picked away until it was gone. I was happy with the cake however I think if I make it again I will switch up the type of cake I use. I liked it but, being a scone, it was a little dryer than I would have liked. My mom has the best angel food cake recipe EVER so I believe I will replace the scone cake with that.


  1. Your LUCKY moms!! What a beautiful, yummy looking cake. BTW, I'm here to TAG you! Come over to my site for the rules . . .

  2. That is the craziest (in a good way) cake ever! So delicious looking. As a mom, I'm waiting for the day my daughter can make me a cake that...she's only 8 though, so it might be awhile. ;)
    Your photos really did it justice, nicely done.

  3. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! I NEED some of that ASAP.